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We offer opportunities to anyone who enjoys cheering, ensuring that everybody ran in the right direction, warning traffic off of the runners, and generally ensuring that every runner gets the attention they need to have a good race.

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We respect your time; that is why we have a dynamic fundraising system. A proper system that is safe, simple, and secure. A system able to keep the conversation focused on what is essential.

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Donating to charity gives you a good feeling knowing that the money raised is used for a better cause. We have a variety of events and made it easy to select which type of event you want to donate to.

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Are you a runner or walker who enjoys completing marathons and looking for something different in your next marathon, then you should try Tanzania World Marathon. The marathon  has a reputation as the best destination marathons in the world — most notably for its beautiful setting. But this marathon deserves a great reputation for another reason: its excellent organization. The marathon’s organizers  give an excellent overview of what it will be like to participate in the marathon from  the starting line, the curves, the views to the finish line.

Tanzania world marathon is the largest national running event gathering Tanzanians living inside and in the diaspora, non-Tanzanians but friends of Tanzania from all over the world, companies, organizations, charities, and any other well-wishers. 


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If you are looking for a good first race to run, look no further than the Tanzania World Marathon held in Dar es Salaam every year! The race is run for a cause – fostering youth skills development and job creation. Though the race is held in November, the registration for the race is held earlier at the beginning of the year.


One of the biggest needs is helping youth transition from teenagers to functional and independent adults. A vital part of that is choosing a vocation and career path. Mentoring a young person by teaching them a skill can change their life.


$570 Raised

$30,000 Goal

Tech Savvy

We ensure that the expansion of information technology in schools is considered to equip the students with the skills required to participate in the information society (new technology/computers).


$400 Raised

$30,000 Goal

Job Creation

We train, offer clear and strong direction to youths who need and want to better themselves or find jobs. Our focus is for the youths to become successful contributors to the economy.


$470 Raised

$30,000 Goal

Our Funfact

You Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow

The Tanzania World Marathon is an event you can never forget. It is tough, yet it is an exhilarating experience you will never experience anywhere. It challenges you both physically and mentally. However, in the end, you will have an incredible feeling!


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A unique aspect of the Tanzania World Marathon is its job as a serious fundraising opportunity for many charities and organizations. It’s one of the leading fundraising events in the world, with runners helping to raise more for charity.

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Tanzania World Marathon

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This is the main event and the climax of all sub-events that come before the major one. Tanzania World Marathon is accompanied by many sports events the whole month of November starting from the end of October to make 30 days in the 30×30 Tanzania Fitness challenge. TWM involves running distances in 42, 21, 10, 5, and 2.5 kilometers

Tanzania Fitness Challenge 30x30


This is an annual celebration of fitness and wellness spiritually, mentally, and physically (body, mind, and spirit). It is the wellness challenge that comes before Tanzania World Marathon as its climax. The challenge requires one to complete 30 minutes of activity each day for 30 days

Social Runners Festival & Awards 2021


This is a celebration of social or recreational runners to recognize and award them for their outstanding contribution and support towards developing athletic sports in Tanzania. It is vivid that marathons and other athletic sports in Tanzania have a significant role and are inspired by social runners.

Half Glass November Challenge


This is a month-long campaign to create attention and funding for youth skills development and job creation in Tanzania. Participants forgo drinking or reduce the cost to evoke conversation to support youth skills development and job creation programs. 

Schools and skills exhibition


This exhibition features an exhibition of schools, colleges, universities and, skills-based centers, programs, firms, and any other skills-related entity. It is a special day also for youth to showcase their skills, talents, and abilities.

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Some 2,000 volunteers for the Tanzania World Marathon provide the best evidence of the excellent organization of the race.

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If you have ever wanted to be part of a marathon that allows you to see the most breathtaking scenery the world has to offer, you need to know about the Tanzania World Marathon. There is a full marathon, a 5k run, and a half marathon to accommodate every level of marathon participant.