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“Let’s run together for youth skills development and job creation”

Ongoing professional skill development is an essential key to success. It helps individuals keep up with technical knowledge, update and improve soft skills, and improve their development within the industry. As youths move up the ladder, they need the skills needed to manage their new role. Continuous professional skill development is essential to gradually attain the necessary skills to go up the career ladder and supply a thoroughly trained capable team.

When the youth work to gain a better self-image built on a foundation of high self-esteem, they will find that their confidence automatically increases, and their level of success improves.


We have identified with research the branding opportunities, which will provide your company with an innovative, competitive edge and, most of all, dynamic results. Through skillful use of the exhibition, Organizing Committee of Tanzania World marathon will open up new markets and maximize media exposure for your products and services. As this is a unique event not only in the city of Dar es salaam but Tanzania and even abroad, you will benefit beyond expectations due the event mix, audience diversity, and the length of the series of our events.


Our Mission

The main goal is to engage people of all categories and capacities to foster youth skills development and job creation. The nature of skills development starts with children of all ages, from schools to universities and the out-of-school youths. The kind of skills given is the one that prepares youth to be independent and solution makers responding to challenges facing the community.

Tanzania World marathon believes that a responsible individual can solve all social problems with quality skills, knowledge, attitude, and competence from early childhood. 

We influence the youth to be more responsible and be able to implement some of their great ideas. When they have more time, they have the freedom to get creative with some new ideas. In this way, they will increase their belief in themselves, their abilities, and their future, and their self-esteem will sky-rocket!

So, if you’ve ever wondered what you can do to make a difference in this big, beautiful world, then this is your chance. You can join the marathon and make a HUGE difference and become a hero in someone’s life while still improving your health in the process.

Marlene Redman – Founder Humanite
About Organizers

Sonetra Sports Agency and Sonetra Communications have organized this event. However, in its implementations, different stakeholders are involved. Sonetra Sports Agency is registered under National Sports Council with registration No. NSC. 65 in 2020 in the United Republic of Tanzania. The agency is responsible for sports development and other related activities. It is our deep faith that this project has touched you, and you will support the initiative. 

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