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This is the main event and the climax of all sub-events that come before the major one. Tanzania World Marathon is accompanied by many sports events the whole month of November starting from the end of October to make 30 days in the 30×30 Tanzania Fitness challenge. TWM involves running distances in 42, 21, 10, 5, and 2.5 kilometers.

Social Runners Festival & Awards 2021


This is a celebration of social or recreational runners to recognize and award them for their outstanding contribution and support towards developing athletic sports in Tanzania. It is vivid that marathons and other athletic sports in Tanzania have a significant role and are inspired by social runners. It is now high time to award them in different categories. This doesn’t involve elites or professional runners, however. The awards recognize the fun and the warmth of recreational runners towards inspiring our community to participate in sports and other physical exercises.


Tanzania Fitness Challenge 30x30


Tanzania Fitness Challenge is an annual celebration of fitness and wellness spiritually, mentally, and physically (body, mind, and spirit). It is the wellness challenge that comes before Tanzania World Marathon as its climax.

The challenge requires one to complete 30 minutes of activity each day for 30 days. Tanzania Fitness Challenge helps create a fitness-focused mindset and inspires us all to seek healthy, active lifestyles. With a month-long calendar of free workouts, exciting fitness events, and wellness-centric entertainment, there’s plenty of inspiration to keep moving. The challenge also welcomes experts, healthy consultants, and different stakeholders to support the public as the challenge embraces everyone from children to adults.

Half Glass November Challenge


Half glass- November is a month-long campaign to create attention and funding for youth skills development and job creation in Tanzania. Participants forgo drinking or reduce the cost to evoke conversation to support youth skills development and job creation programs. Donate the money you typically spend on outs or drinking to save our youths who starve with unemployment tragedy by helping small businesses and start-ups. The challenge donates for free skills boot camps held in December for a child from primary schools to universities and out-of-school youths. The free programs, of course, continue even after December. This involves also exercising more and caring about your health. The climax of the challenge is celebrated during the Tanzania World Marathon, where people enjoy drinking on the day. 

Schools and skills exhibition


This 2-day event features an exhibition of schools, colleges, universities and, skills-based centers, programs, firms, and any other skills-related entity. It is a special day also for youth to showcase their skills, talents, and abilities. The aim is to create a standard platform for education and skills development stakeholders to showcase their revolution to young people. It is also an opportunity for the public to choose better schools, colleges, or universities and learn modern skills and emerging technologies needed in the employment or business world. 

Youth & Women Business Expo


This is also a 2-day event providing a platform for youth and women to showcase their business. The aim is to promote the application of skills that youth can use to venture into business or create some values and solve community problems. However, other companies are not prohibited in the exhibition, but the priority is given to youth and women.


2022 Skills Development & Employment Roadmap

Tanzania World Marathon through Sonetra Sports Agency, Sonetra Communication, and many other youth skills development and employment stakeholders will reach youths at their various locations to support; 

  1. a) Skills training programs
  2. b) Career development programs 
  3. c) Small businesses and start-ups

Based on this year’s event, we expect to have enough funds to help us conduct extensive training on skills development in 2022. The training programs will base on filling the skills gap that exists between what is taught in schools and what is happening on actual grounds (i.e. financial literacy, emerging technologies like blockchain, e-commerce, etc.) This is going to be a year-long program until the folding of another marathon event in 2022. This will impact these:

➢ Will create employment for youth who have undergone training, mentoring, coaching, apprenticeships, and empowerment.

➢ Will stimulate entrepreneurship and self-employment.

➢ Will support creating an online platform for youth to sell their skills and businesses and connect to potential customers, clients, employers, partners, funders, donors, and grantors.

➢ Creating a bridge to other Tanzanians’ companies to the global market.

➢ Increasing innovativeness in emerging technologies that will support businesses.

➢ Reducing unemployment and poverty level and raising the living standard of the people.

➢ Increased financial literacy in the community, especially among the young generation.

➢ Increasing relations and partnerships between Tanzanians within the country and in the diaspora.

Media Mix

The media plan is designed to inform, create awareness, advertise, remind, and make the targeted audience commit to attending. Each media on the schedule is designed for a specific purpose covering rural to urban populations. The particular Whatsapp chat center and bulk SMS will reach individuals in a customized way. Yet, after three months from the event, there will be accessible through the WhatsApp live chat center that can attend millions of audiences at once.