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Give Today, Make Tomorrow Better

If you are looking for a good first race to run, look no further than the Tanzania World Marathon held in Dar es Salaam every year! The race is run for a cause – fostering youth skills development and job creation.

Though the race is held in November, the registration for the race is held earlier at the beginning of the year. This marathon has grown to be one of the top five marathons on the planet and tempts the top runners from many different continents.

The marathon has grown to be more than simply a road race; many now consider it a festival of sport and a big accomplishment that many amateur runners aim for and hope to run one day. A unique aspect of this marathon is its job as a serious fundraising opportunity for many charities and organizations.

Event Mission

The main goal is to engage people of all categories and capacities to foster youth skills development and job creation. The nature of skills development starts with children of all ages, from schools to universities and the out-of-school youths. The kind of skills given is the one that prepares youth to be independent and solution makers responding to challenges facing the community. Tanzania World marathon believes that a responsible individual can solve all social problems with quality skills, knowledge, attitude, and competence from early childhood. 

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Theme: Connecting Tanzania to the world through youth Skills development and job creation.

Date: 27th November 2021 –Time: From 6:00 AM (Marathon day)

Distances: 21KM, 10KM Youth Race, 5KM Dear mama run and 2.5KM Spelling bee fun run

Venue: Leaders Club grounds-Dar es salaam.

Participants: 40,000+ people (athletes, visitors, businesses and general public)

Running teams/groups:

  • Mzalendo
  • Tanzanite lady
  • Tanzania-America
  • Tanzania-China
  • Tanzania-UK
  • Tanzania-India
  • Tanzania-Turkey
  • Tanzania-Dubai
  • Tanzania-Asia
  • East Africa
  • SADC team
  • AU team
  • EU  team

A participant can decide to register and choose a running team e.g Tanzania-America running team and run together with flags and socialize to emphasize the spirit of connected world.

Sub-marathon events

29th October-27th Nov Saturday 20th November

The challenge requires one to complete 30 minutes of activity each day for 30 days. Tanzania Fitness Challenge helps create a fitnessfocused mindset and inspires us all to seek healthy,
active lifestyles.


1.Weekly multi-sports bonanzas
2.November highest mileage running challenge
3.Promoting Individual workouts
4. A football match between celebrity fans (musicians, movie stars, politicians, socialites etc.) from Simba and Young Africans
football clubs.

1st -30th November

Participants forgo drinking or reduce the cost in order to evoke conversation to donate or support programs for youth skills development and job creation.

-Creative entertainment activations at recreational areas like bars etc.

8-12th November 

Also happens in other parts of the world (Joining the world in advocating financial literacy as a part of skills development)

-Media tour on money matters
-Youth/schools/colleges visits
-Youth conference (1000 youth)
-Massive engagement social media on money and related issues.

13th November 


-National skills development
conference with 1000 youth and other youth development stakeholders

22nd -28th November

Tanzania Social runners festival & awards. This is a celebration of recreational runners and
corporate to recognize and award them for their outstanding contribution and support towards the development of athletic sports in Tanzania.


-Running clinics and counseling
-Finalizing voting of nominees
-Classes on running basics
-Awards & festival on 27th (marathon day)

22nd -28th November

Tanzania global platform to explore opportunities.


-Tanzania World Expo (exhibition (multi-firms)
-Schools & Skills expo
-Youth & Women business expo
-Entrepreneurship & business seminars, classes, B2B
-Government services like business formalization, migration, NIDA etc

22nd-28th November

-College Skills Music concert
-Performances from different groups, embassies, cultural centers and Tanzanian college/universities music concert

Join Our Event

The Tanzania World Marathon is an event you can never forget. It is tough, yet it is an exhilarating experience you will never experience anywhere. It challenges you both physically and mentally. However, in the end, you will have an incredible feeling!


With a minimum of only Tsh 3,000,000/= (Three million Tanzanian shillings), you will enjoy the following benefits:

➢ Exhibition space, a 3×3 tent with 1 table and two chairs for seven days from 22nd-28th November 2021

➢ For financial institutions like banks, microfinance, etc.; will participate freely in the “Talk Money Week”. Will have media tours, schools/colleges visits, and involvement in any other activity.

➢ Opportunity to interact with more than 50 schools exhibiting as potential customers or clients

➢ Connecting more than 200 SMES in youth & women business expo

➢ A platform for B2B with 50+ corporate firms

➢ Expanding foreign and international business from expatriates, foreigners.

➢ Discovering and connecting business with the diaspora community

➢ Networking with more than 15,000 youths from colleges and out-of-school

➢ Becoming among panelists or speaking chance during Tanzania National Youth Skills Conference.

➢ Free 5 running bibs (tickets) for your company members.

➢ A chance of branding at the Event location

➢ The company brand and its logo will have space in all branding campaigns like print media, social media, electronics Media, and Social media listing sponsor and sharing a link.

➢ Free advertising on our website www.tanzaniaworldmarathon.org until 30th June 2022

➢ Access to brand ambassadors in learning institutions like schools, colleges, and universities.

➢ Advertising during seminars, training, and other sessions to youth, women, and business clubs in the exhibition week.

➢ Presence and placing of branded materials during any sub-marathon events (with exceptional of Simba Vs. Yanga football match-Nani Mtani Star; available only upon sponsorship)

➢ Brand/logo Visibility on Background of Stage of inaugural & concluding function.

➢ Opportunity to brand centers and interact with primary and secondary schools students during Free English courses, sports training, and Life skills boot camps the whole of December in Dar es Salaam during the holiday.

Experience the camaraderie, the new friendships, the inspirational sights, the tears, the emotions, and the sheer joy associated with achievement on a massive scale.

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